Exciting Changes and New Courses!

We’ve been going through some exciting changes at The Contemporary Herbalist and many of you have messaged me to ask if our face oils and pain salves are still available. The answer is yes! If you’d like to order or restock your favorites, just message me here or through our website, or if you’re in the Denver area, stop by our shop at 533 E. Ohio in West Wash Park.  And, I have been busy developing online courses to support your health and wellness.

The Embracing Menopause online course begins next Monday, September 30th. To learn more or to register click here. Register today and receive a 20% discount!

Upcoming courses include the In Your Element series, which guides you to understanding which element you are according the the east Asian concept of the 5 Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - When you know which element you are, you can learn ways to live more in balance with yourself, your relationships and your environment. This series includes a free lecture on the elements and how to determine your primary element, along with any secondary elements.

If you have any questions about any of our courses please email me at: ccannon@thecontemporaryherbalist.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

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