Your Weekly Qi January 24, 2020


Welcome to “Your Weekly Qi”  by Inspired by Qi!

And what great timing👍 we are launching in-sync with the Chinese new year of the metal rat🐀 🎈🎊🎈

The year of the metal rat is considered to be a good, prosperous, and lucky year, favoring planning and hard work to achieve success in all areas of your life💃

The rat is a social creature and loves a good party or get together where they can share stories and have a bit of fun. They make friends easily and often excel in the professional realm of writing, public relations and any role that brings them in contact with a lot of people.

The rat is good with money, even if a little on the lean or thrifty side, but can be generous with family and close friends 🤗 They certainly like the finer things in life, but are very astute financial planners, so they know how to make their money go a long way 👍

The metal element is a perfectionist, and is prone to unnecessary worry. A great way to calm the need to worry, is to use that perfectionism to put some well thought out plans in place to insure the success of any endeavor 🙌

Let’s embrace the qi of our inner rat and move in to 2020 with enthusiasm, curiosity and a willingness to plan and put in some work! And, don’t forget, have some fun along the way!

🎈Year of the Rat: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 🎈


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