Your Weekly Qi April 14 2020

I’m halfway through my 4th week since I stopped seeing patients in person and my creative voice has finally come up for air😳 Yes, I’ve continued to teach and stay connected via online classes and virtual herbal consults, but my creative self has pretty much been in hiding for going on 5 or 6 weeks🤦‍♀️Yesterday while working with students, the best way I could describe it was “pandemic paralysis.” Very much an expected response to the profound changes we all have experienced these past few weeks.💥⚡️

So what does this mean in terms of our qi? When it comes to a stress or trauma response our qi can scatter - think lack of focus, up and down energy levels, increased emotionality and as a result our qi will then stagnate - think frustration, anxiety, excessive need for control, frequent sighing, possibly headaches and sleep disturbances😝

What can we do? Breathe! 🚶‍♀️Move - any type of physical activity right now is so very beneficial. Engage in any activity that grounds you and gives you a sense of calm😌 A fun and easy acupressure technique is to grasp the area between your big toe and second tow with your thumb on the top of your foot and your other 3 fingers applying pressure from the bottom of your foot - you can do this on yourself or for a loved one. Gently apply pressure for a few seconds, and then release. Do this about half a dozen times and you will feel your overall energy, anxiety or angst begin to dissipate. You can repeat this technique as often as you feel is necessary to help calm your system 😎✌️



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