Your Weekly Qi February 4 202

Protective qi, or wei qi in Chinese pinyin, is an aspect of our qi that has the role of protecting us from catching colds, flu’s😷 and other conditions that can develop from viruses, bacteria, and seasonal allergies. During cold and flu season, temperature swings, and seasonal changes, it is our protective qi, supported by our general qi that keeps us in harmony with the environment🌴🌿🌵 When our protective qi is weakened by stress🙃 not eating well😋 or a lack of sleep😳 we become much more susceptible to catching the cold or flu🤒 that is going around, or we can become more sensitive to seasonal allergens🤧 and other changes in our environment.

Here’s some simple steps to support your overall and protective qi throughout the day:

💦 Hydrate – drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout your day
✌️Let things roll – focus on moving forward and not getting hooked by negative energies😝
😎 Take a moment – a few times during your day, take a time-out and give yourself a moment or two of calm
🍎 Eat well, but not too much
😴 Do your best to get sound, restful sleep

❄️ On colder days, use a scarf to protect your neck and head


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