Your Weekly Qi March 10 2020

🤍Your Weekly Qi🤍

Sleep, Qi and Our Immune System

💤Sleep replenishes our qi and when we replenish our qi our resistance to colds and flu’s 🤒is strong. So now more than ever we need to try and get a good nights sleep when we can😴

And, now more than ever we have fears and worries 😮 that we have never experienced before - a global virus 🌏 a volatile stock market 😳 and social distancing😱 and I’m on about sleep!!

A technique that can help calm the mind, lower blood pressure, and settle you into sleep is counting back from 60 to zero 6️⃣0️⃣➡️0️⃣

Seems simple I know, but give a try day🌕 or night🌑 and see how your overall system settles. If you lose track, start where you lost momentum, or start from the beginning🤗

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