I cannot recommend Dr. Christine Cannon’s herbal program enough! In school I just studied acupuncture, but knew I wanted to learn about herbs after I got my practice up and going. After two years of being in practice I finally felt ready to start studying herbs. This program is laid out nicely so you aren’t receiving too much information at once, and gives you time for self-study in between. It has given me more confidence to add herbs into my practice, and having Dr. Cannon as a mentor has really strengthened my treatments during this year of study. If you are new to herbs or a veteran with herbs this program is a great place to start or strengthen your building blocks of Chinese herbal medicine!

            ~ Jessica, Colorado

I cannot recommend Dr Christine Cannon's herbal program highly enough. I graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997 and have been practicing almost continually since then. Due to working in various clinics that were not herb focused, I went several years rarely using herbs. This program changed all of that for me. It was a great refresher on the basics of each category, the individual herbs and the formulas. But more than that, Chris teaches about the herbs both from an academic and practical standpoint and even includes simple home remedies and recipes which I love. Learning about the herbs while simultaneously seeing patients, I was able to put the knowledge into practice immediately. The added bonus of being able to text or email Chris with questions about specific patients was invaluable. I now have a pharmacy of patents and tinctures and I prescribe herbs to more than half of my patients with great results. Whether you've been in practice for a long time or you're fresh out of school, this program will deepen your understanding of a sometimes intimidating topic and help you treat patients more effectively.

            ~ Elise L., Texas


The structure and material of this self-paced course is clear and concise. Dr. Cannon has a strong emphasis on differentiation and diagnosis which not only keeps us on point, it reinforces how to apply our existing knowledge of TCM in combination with Chinese herbs in a clinical setting. The study guides and tests speak to the common and contemporary uses of individual herbs bringing together the 'why' and 'hows' of formulation. This course will definitely prepare me to integrate standard patent and modified formulas into my future practice.

           ~ Claudine R, Guatamala