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Embracing Menopause What You Need to Know + Consult with Dr. Christine


This self-paced course provides the support you need, along with information and resources to guide you through the menopausal process. The course provides you with three 45 minute recorded lectures that you can watch and listen to at your own convenience, a digital copy of Dr. Christine’s Embracing Menopause Handbook and a personalized consult with Dr. Christine.

Dr. Christine wants the greatest success possible for your health and wellbeing as you go through your journey of change. Your personal consult and evaluation is done remotely, during a 30-minute online chat session with you and Dr. Christine. This evaluation will provide you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations, along with botanical remedies appropriate for your experience of the process.

Once you purchase the course you will receive a link to the digital files containing the lectures and handbook.  

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